The Little Prince

By Antoine de Saint-Exupery
A new adaptation by Gabe Kirkley

Panic Squad

A Virtual Improv Comedy Experience

A New Normal

An original play by Shelley Picard


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Join us live and interact in real-time with other audience members and even the performers.

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What audiences are saying

Very entertaining! Well done.
I really enjoyed the creativity of the new ideas and new types of performances that were possible this year, in this online format
The performances were great, the actors and actresses really dived into their characters even during the times they're not on the main screen.
Well acted, produced. Heartwarming. Direction was excellent.
Liked the new format - should offer this as an option once Covid is over
I was amazed at the quality of the performance and more surprised at how much I enjoyed this kind of performance! Even in “normal” times I wouldn’t mind being at another one like this!

A Message from our Artistic Director

With the arrival of the new year comes the arrival of more theatre – in a virtual kind of way! While we’re eager to return to live, in-person productions as soon as we’re able, we’re taking advantage of the current situation to double-down on our virtual offerings and to focus on fostering the development of new work by playwrights from our region!

Taking what we’ve learned so far and dialing up our efforts to create quality digital theatre experiences that stir the heart, challenge the mind and elevate the soul, we’re excited to announce the remainder of our G7 Lite: Service Pak 29.5 season.

We’re thrilled to be featuring two brand new plays, plus a completely unique and innovative way of experiencing good ‘ole fashioned comedy improv, that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home . And, at least with two of the shows, you’ll have the option to either join us for a live-streamed screening event, complete with real-time audience interaction and post-show artist chat, or to watch the show ‘on-demand’ at your leisure.

The productions will have a similar feel to our fall virtual offerings and we’re stepping up the production values to provide you with a vastly improved viewing experience that we trust will put a smile your face, ignite your imagination and inspire meaningful thinking.

The return of in-person theatre is coming…in the meantime, join us for an eclectic season of virtual theatre as we showcase original works that tell meaningful stories for the heart, soul and mind. Passes to the remainder of our virtual season are now available – and don’t forget to add a little donation so we can raise the curtain on our stages as soon as it’s deemed appropriate to do so.

See you at the ‘theatre’. Curtain up!

Ken Hildebrandt
Executive/Artistic Director