Our COVID-19 Safety Plan

The health and safety of our patrons, cast, crew and volunteers is our top priority! We'd like to share with you what we're doing to create a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience at Gallery 7 Theatre. 

We present this plan in three sections: the first is a summary of protocols in place, the second is a FAQ that goes into some more detail about the plan, and the third is an option to download our entire plan. We've also sprinkled in some humour to keep you engaged through-out.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, please contact us at info@gallery7theatre.com. We're happy to engage with our community about making sure we keep people healthy!

COVID Safety Protocol Summary


For Our Patrons...

Please note that in-person performances are currently not permitted under the latest public health orders. 

  • Physical distancing protocols in place
  • Mask/Face covering required in all indoor spaces
  • All pre-show tickets sales handled online
  • Contactless ticket scanning
  • Contactless payment on-site wherever possible
  • Assigned seating - no seat hopping!
  • Scheduled arrival and venue entry times
  • Assigned entry and egress points
  • Social distancing markers in shared spaces
  • Maximum washroom occupancy limits in place
  • Plexiglass barriers in place where necessary
  • Sanitizer stations
  • Limited concession Sales
  • Programs and discussion guides available online only

For Our Actors & Back-Stage Crew Members

  • Online auditions
  • Initial rehearsals held online
  • In person meetings kept to minimum personnel with all hand washing, mask wearing, and social distancing protocols in place
  • Sanitizer stations in place and masks available upon request
  • Health Declaration Forms required to be completed prior to the start of each rehearsal or performance.
  • Proper sanitization of all props, costumes, set pieces, etc.
  • No shared makeup, hair, costumes, etc. 
  • Small cast and crew sizes (under 5) until provincial health orders change
  • Understudies enlisted for the run of the show

For Our Design Team & Other Volunteers

  • All sanitization, mask wearing and social distancing protocols in place.
  • Sanitizer stations in place and masks available upon request
  • All design and production meetings held online
  • Rehearsals available to view online
  • Minimal crews enlisted for set & cue building, as well as production load-in and load- outs 
  • Specific scheduled times for being in the rehearsal/performance/building space with assigned entry and exits
  • Health Declaration Forms to be completed prior to the start of each shift
  • Designs submitted electronically where possible

COVID Safety Protocols FAQ


What is Gallery 7 doing to combat COVID-19?

We are so glad you asked. All of Gallery 7 Theatre’s staff have been practicing proper handwashing by singing our favourite Broadway musical chorus (obviously My Shot, from Hamilton) while staying socially distant, wearing masks, and of course listening to people who got degrees in Science and not the Arts. (We know how hard they worked for their degree because we worked just as hard for ours!) We’ve also implemented a stringent COVID safety plan in accordance with ActSafe and WorkSafe BC and we’re all working in our pjs at home.

So, what's happening with shows you couldn't produce last season? (The Secret Garden and Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery.) 

As per our message in June from Executive/Artistic Director Ken Hildebrandt, these shows are postponed until we can welcome EVERYONE back into our space. At this time, under current health orders, we aren’t able to safely perform these shows for you. But hang in there: they will have their time in the spot light!

Will Gallery 7 Theatre be doing any in person shows any time soon? 

At this time, Gallery 7 has paused in person viewing of shows. When it is safe to do so, we have plans to start in person viewing of shows, within health order guidelines which will safely distance you from the candy unwrapping neighbours you have put up with for the last 30 years.For now, you can check out our online offerings here: www.gallery7theatre.com . Tickets are available for the current show, and previous online shows are available On-Demand for a limited time.

Will I have to wear a mask or face covering when I come to see an in-person show?

Short answer: Yes. As per provincial health orders, masks and/or face coverings are required inside all public buildings. We will also have surgical masks available for your use when you arrive.

What if I don't feel comfortable coming in person to see your show but still want to see it? 

Great question! We are working with our licencing agents to secure live-stream rights for shows we wish to produce. That way, even if we can’t meet in person, we can still bring the theatre to your home screen (whatever that screen looks like). Disclaimer: Gallery 7 Theatre is not a film company, or TV broadcasting entity and has no future plans at this time to become one. Wait …. should we start a poll on whether we should become our own broadcasting? Uh oh… Artistic Director saw this. ABORT THE POLL!

How do I go about purchasing tickets? Can I order them in person? How do you make sure I will be seated physically distant from others when attending an in-person performance?

Ok, that’s three questions! But we get it – they’re all related. At this time, all tickets can be purchased through our website. Unfortunately, in-person ticket sales are not an option – we’re trying to eliminate the need for people to go out as much as possible for the time being. All tickets for in-person performances (when we’re allowed to do them again!) will come with assigned seating, ensuring that you are a minimum of 6’ from your fellow audience members. Please no seat hopping! Why? ‘Cause someone will be watching for that – and we want everyone to enjoy the show in comfort and with zero stress.

How will physical distancing work for in-person performances?

Once we’re cleared to do in-person performances, we will have staggered arrival times for audience members. Clear markings will be posted for queues for bathrooms, concessions and the box office. We will also be opening both the lobby and seating at the same time to avoid congregating in the lobby. Occupancy of bathrooms will be limited to what’s appropriate to the size of the bathroom and every other stall or urinal will be blocked for distancing.After the performance, we will kindly ask people to vacate through an assigned exit and ask people to head home immediately. Unfortunately, until it’s appropriate to do so, post show chats with cast and crew will not be allowed. Go home, jump on the phone or video screen and chat from there!

What if I have tickets to an in-person show and I feel unwell or the public health orders don't permit an already scheduled in-person show?

Right now, everyone’s health and safety are of the highest importance to us. If you are feeling unwell the day of a performance, please stay home and contact our box office for ticket options. If the PHO puts a stop to live events, please stay home as well – we we won’t be having a show for you to watch! We will be in touch with ticket holders regarding options if we need to cancel a performance due to public health orders or some other pandemic-related issue. If, for some reason, you DON’T hear from us, please contact Gallery 7 Theatre at boxoffice@gallery7theatre.com and we will respond as soon as humanly possible.

So, what are my options if I’m unwell and can’t attend, or a performance has to be cancelled?

You have several options, actually: one, you can exchange your ticket for another performance or production; two, you can convert the value of your ticket in to a credit for future use; three, you can convert the value of your ticket in to a donation; and four, you can request a refund. Obviously, these times are incredibly tough for everyone in general, and performing arts organizations in particular. We humbly encourage people to give serious consideration to the first three options before considering the fourth. Our ability to keep doing what we’re doing depends on it.

What about actors, designers, tech crew, etc? How are they going to do their jobs?

We all know that theatre watching and theatre making requires a lot of in person meeting and in-person contact. We are very fortunate to live in a time where Star Trek (and Star Wars!) level technology exists so many of our auditions, meetings, and rehearsals will take place via view screens or the Holonet… errrr…. video messaging applications (Zoom, Google Meets, Skype, etc….). For in-person activities such as rehearsals, costume fittings, set painting/building, etc, we will have only the minimum number of people present. Casts will be kept under five. We also have proper hand cleaning, mask wearing, air flow, sanitization, and social distancing protocols and practices in place. We know this may mean the process will take longer, or will require extra meeting times or deft scheduling. Please know that everyone’s health and safety is of the utmost importance to us.

Full COVID-19 Safety Plan


Okay, so we know that the above is just a brief overview and that what we have written here may not answer all of your specific questions. Fret not. We invite you to read our riveting and informative full COVID-19 Safety Plan (because let’s face it, everyone loves to read something. For our production manager, its YA Fantasy)

You can check out the entire document by clicking the following button:


Please note this plan is a working document and will be updated as often as necessary to reflect current health orders and ActSafe/Worksafe BC guidelines.

We all hope to return to normal operations sooner rather than later but for now, we ask for everyone’s cooperation and support. Doing so allows us to stay open and creating exciting theatre experiences for the heart, soul and mind!