Gallery 7 Theatre & Performing Arts Presents

2019/2020 Ordinary Heroes Theatre Season

Our 29th Annual Season


Madeleine L’Engle’s

Adapted by John Glore

November 8 - 16, 2019
Abbotsford Arts Centre

Our young heroine, Meg Wallace, embarks on an epic journey through time and space to rescue her father from the evil clutches of IT. Along the way, she discovers the true value of family, friendship, and that true love can actually triumph over evil. And that, yes, there is such a thing as a tesseract.

By Robert Chafe

January 24 - February 8, 2020
Abbotsford Community Arts Addition

Tenacious and resilient Myra Bennet journeys to the remote village of Daniel’s Harbour in Newfoundland to serve as the region’s only medical practitioner in the early 20th century. There, she is determined to confound expectations through her down-to-earth practicality. Can she earn the community’s respect?  An inspiring story of heroism, sprinkled with generous doses of humour and romance, the play asks big questions about whether life happens by chance, or by the influence of a larger force unseen.

Francis Hodgson Burnett’s

Book and Lyrics by Marsha Norman | Music by Lucy Simon

Abbotsford Arts Centre

Orphaned in India and sent to England to live with her reclusive Uncle Archibald, and his invalid son, Colin, Mary Lennox discovers a secret garden on the estate.  She dedicates herself to restoring the garden to its former glory, forging new friendships along the way. A story of healing, forgiveness and renewal, this Award-Winning musical will warm your heart and refresh your spirit.

by Ken Ludwig

Matsqui Centennial Auditorium

Master sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his trusty side-kick, Watson, must stop a cold-blooded murderer from wiping out the male heirs of the Baskerville family line. Can our heroes discover the truth in time? A mad-cap comedy performed by five actors who play over 40 characters, this mystery-adventure will leave you breathless with excitement and put a smile on your face.

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Something Different | Something Edgy

October 2 – 5, 2019
Yale Secondary School Theatre

Join us for an exciting series of entertaining and thought-provoking short plays that take some artistic risks and stretch some thematic boundaries. Directed and performed by emerging and established artists from through-out the Lower Mainland, this festival of one-act plays possesses the same heart, soul and mind theatre you expect, but with a provocative twist!


December 21, 2019 @ 8:00 PM
Matsqui Centennial Auditorium

A Christmas stocking stuffed full of warmth, seasonal music, poems and stories that is sure to lift your spirits and bring special meaning to a holiday with your loved ones. Presented in partnership with Pacific Theatre of Vancouver, this promises to be the un-slickest Christmas show you’ll experience this year.


March 6, 2020 @ 7:30 PM
Matsqui Centennial Auditorium

Get your family and friends together and enjoy an evening of side-splitting hilarity as the Panic Squad creates super-funny scenes right before your eyes, using only the suggestions you give them. A one-of-a-kind, super-clean night of comedy improv that will put tears in your eyes from all the laughter.

A Message from Our Artistic Director

Welcome to our all-new, 2019-2020 theatre season at Gallery 7 Theatre! I say ‘all-new’ because I’m excited to say that all the plays you will see this season have never been produced on our stage before. I find this so refreshing because it proves to me (and hopefully to you!) that there are still many more heart, soul and mind stories out there just waiting to be discovered and brought home to G7.

I think you’ll find our upcoming season to feature all that you’ve come to know and love here at G7 – plays that explore all aspects of the human experience with a vision towards hope, reconciliation and redemption. I think you’re going to laugh, be moved to tears, be challenged to engage important themes, and I think you’re going to be wildly entertained.

If there’s a common thread that ties our four mainstage shows together it’s that the characters in each show are faced with an epic situation that lures them from their familiar and comfortable surroundings and forces them to accomplish great and mighty deeds that transform their world. Whether it be rescuing a loved one from the clutches of evil, or journeying to a new country to help a community, or transforming a neglected garden in to a paradise, or solving a murder mystery, our heroes face and overcome great hardship because a high and noble cause burns in their heart and compels them to take action. What’s fascinating about these characters is that despite their tenacity, their resourcefulness, or their resilience, they are just like you and me. They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things and discover life-transforming lessons along the way.

Together with our mainstage series, our one-act play festival, Abby Theatre Fest, returns for a third straight year. This festival will feature an eclectic mix of established and newly-written short plays that will likely stretch some boundaries, but none-the-less explore stories and themes that don’t always land on our mainstage. Add in our annual Christmas variety show in collaboration with Pacific Theatre plus the hilarious improv antics of Panic Squad & Friends, and I think you’ve got a super-compelling reason to drop everything and subscribe right now!

This season, be inspired to greatness! Join us for our 29th annual season of theatre featuring a slew of new stories that make a difference.

Ken Hildebrandt
Executive/Artistic Director