A Message from Ken on The Miracle Worker


This play represents a perfect marriage between theme and our theatre’s mandate to present entertaining theatre that explores matters of the heart, soul and mind with a vision towards hope, reconciliation and redemption.

In this play, Helen Keller is nearly written off by her family. Along comes Anne Sullivan, who sees beyond Helen’s physical disabilities to the powerful, intelligent and gifted person she is on the inside. Not an easy task given the feral nature of Helen’s outer character and the lack of medical research and technology to turn to, not to mention one’s own incapacities and self-doubt.

But I think this is what makes Anne’s perseverance and commitment so inspiring and the eventual miracle that occurs as a result of her dedication, awe-inducing. How often do we pass over people because of what we see on the outside, only to miss out on the amazing potential that is waiting to be unleashed on the inside? The question for me becomes this: If Anne Sullivan was able to do it, why can’t I? I am humbled and challenged by the answer.

The Miracle Worker also fits well with our Mysteries of Life theme for our 27 th season. The story focuses on Annie desperately trying to unlock the key to Helen’s heart, mind and soul. Her commitment and desire to help are a mystery to her colleagues and to the Keller family. But like all good mysteries, the play leads to a very satisfying conclusion.

Once again, I congratulate our very talented cast, crew and design team on their accomplishment. This production showcases the amazing artistic and technical talents we have right here in our own community and I am inspired by their dedication, good humour and their desire to tell a good story well.

I hope you will enjoy our production of The Miracle Worker. May the hope inspire you, may the miracle renew your faith, and may the story lift your spirit.

See you at the theatre!

Ken Hildebrandt
Artistic & Executive Director