Find A Way...Through Relationships


Tell us a bit about your submission: how did you come up with the concept, what was your process in terms of bringing it from concept to final product?


I love to write and lots of times write out what is going on to make sense of it.  Suddenly this whole idea of having a conversation with a stranger came into my head.  With all of us on our cellphones (or busy with paper and pen writing) this talking to strangers is becoming very rare.  Then I thought about what we would say.  This whole conversation just started forming as I wrote.  I read it again and thought it was so good, I raced home and typed it up.  My husband read it and thought it really happened.  I did video tape it about five times before I was satisfied.


What do you hope audience members will experience or take away from your performance? 


That struggle is real in all relationships, but running away from it is not always a good fix.  If both sides really look at how they contribute to the stress, a lot of healing could happen.


Anything else that you feel is vitally important for audience members to consider as they engage with your piece? 


We get so many strange messages from the media and each other.  Every movie these days is a man or woman in a relationship that they are not happy with.  Suddenly a great new person comes into their lives and they live happily ever after.  It is good for fantasy but so many of us start believing it as a reality.  So many old people have talked to me about their struggles and how together they found a way to live joyfully ever after!  The thing they were most proud of is that they did it together and made it last!


Find a Way will be screened on October 16 & 17 as part of Abby Theatre Fest: Stage to Screen Edition. For complete details and to purchase tickets, please visit HERE.