Kid's Say the Craziest Things...and Make Stuff Up Too!


Tell us a bit about the background to your piece: how did you come up with the concept, what was your process in terms of bringing it from concept to final product?


Where did this idea come from you ask? Why, from a moment at dinner about one week into the lockdown in March. We were on our first round of having to isolate because we had possibly been exposed to COVID 19 and were waiting to see if symptoms manifested or if we had managed to escape the grasp of the incubation period. This was the first of three quarantines we had to go through. My children, after not being able to go out the front door, were going batt at the dinner table. So, to distract them, I started the game of one phrase stories, with each family member adding an idea or short concept to the story.  My kids loved it so much and they were so funny to listen to (from a parent’s perspective of course) I thought, “I should exploit them and make money on their creative young minds.” But really, I thought, why not share some of their beautiful stories with the world.  Although the project didn’t quite turn out as planned, I’m glad the short stories we were able to capture during this time have made it to your home.


What do you hope audience members will experience or take away from your performance?


I hope audiences will get to enjoy some child-like imagination. Also, I hope they are reminded of the innocence that sometimes lose as the worries and demands of adulthood bring to us.  In these stories, I see the things that bother my children that really still bother me as an adult. And I love seeing how they solve them through story telling.  Isn’t it magical?


Anything else that you feel is vitally important for audience members to consider as they engage with your piece?


As you engage with the small stories, I encourage you to leave traditional grammar and plot structure behind. I hope you are open to “new” words. To unintelligible words. To ideas that jump around. I hope you are willing for a small moment to remember what it was like to create a world and an imaginary friend in an afternoon. Lastly, I hope you know your house looks way better than mine ever will!


Isolation Stories Through the Eyes of Children will be screened on both weekends of Abby Theatre Fest: Stage to Screen Edition. For complete details and to purchase tickets, please visit HERE.