"One needs a mother,the other needs a stiff drink": Q&A with Chris Taylor, director of Relative Strangers!

What made you choose this play? 

The reason I chose Relative Strangers was initially due to the quick wit and the sharp dialogue that is embedded in the script. It is a very well written script that I hope we do justice. But what really grabbed me and made me fall in love with the script is its themes of connection and community, the amount of heart that is in this show is what truly drew me to it.

Tell us a little bit about the people working on your show.

I could write novels about the absolutely amazing cast and crew that I have the honor to work with. Tamara is an phenomenal actress who has brought such a wealth of experience and talent to this show, I can only hope to be half as brilliant of a performer as her. Mel, our leading lady, has infused this show with such energy and passion, she has been an absolute sweet heart to work with. Of course we are also overjoyed to have Beth Caldwell as our Virginia. Right from the beginning Beth was on the top of her game and has brought so much joy and talent to this show that is stunning. Behind the scenes we had the incredible Des Hale, our stage manager who we would be lost without. They brought such incredible intelligence, structure and insight to this show and really made the base for which we could build our show.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get involved in theatre? Have G7 audiences seen you before?

I been doing theater since I was about 13/14 years old and I recently graduated from UFV with a bachelor's in theater. This is my third time directing a show and audience may remember me from my magical performance as Nick Bottom in A Midsummer Nights Dream.

Give us the 2-3 sentence elevator pitch of your play. What’s it about and why should people see it?

It's about two woman from very different worlds stuck together in a plane. One needs a mother,the other needs a stiff drink. Its hilarious!

What excites you about the festival?

The absolute plethora of talent that is a part of this festival. So many amazing directors, writers, performers and designers are a part of this show. It's truly a pleasure to see the emergence of such beautiful talent come from the Fraser Valley.


Relative Strangers is part of Abby Theatre Fest—get your tickets now!