"Terrifying. Exciting. Unbelievable": Q&A with our Elizabeth, Shannon Tauber!

The first show in our 2018/19 Back to Classics season is one of the most beloved stories of all time: Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Playing November 9–17 at the Abby Arts Centre, this witty and charming adaptation of the classic novel will be a perfect night out for families or a that special someone. 
To learn more about the production, we asked Shannon Tauber who plays Elizabeth Bennet to give us some insight into the show!


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Have G7 audiences seen you before?

Audiences have seen me before! I had my debut with Gallery 7 as Jo March in Little Women, then went on to play Lady Caroline Bramble in Enchanted April. I was also in the first One Act Festival, in a show called The Exquisite Hour.


What was your first encounter with Jane Austen? Have you read her novels? Is this your first time working on a Jane Austen play?

I can’t quite pin point my exact "first encounter" with Jane Austen. My mum is a huge fan, and has been since she was a child. So it was most likely watching Pride & Prejudice for a girls night in, when my sister and I were young. This is my first, and hopefully not my last time working on a Jane Austen play.


Shannon Tauber as Elizabeth Bennet
Photo by Dianna Lewis Photography

How are rehearsals going? What's been your favourite moment so far?

Rehearsals have been going extremely well, I look forward to them every time and I always have a blast.

I have to say my favourite moments are when we are trying desperately to be serious but someone says something, or gives a look to another, and we all lose our cool.


What is it like playing Elizabeth Bennet? Is it challenging to play such an iconic role?

Terrifying. Exciting. Unbelievable.  It's challenging in its own ways. Elizabeth is a well rounded character, and I’m enjoying the challenge of discovering who she is and what her motives are, as I would with any other character I’ve played.

But with Lizzie Bennet there's a shadow, a crowd of dedicated fans, old and young who stand behind their favourite idea of Elizabeth Bennet. To stand up in that crowd and present my version of Elizabeth makes me so nervous I feel it in my toes.


Are there any scenes or specific moments that you really enjoy or are looking forward to in your role?

I think I just look forward to the classic slow-burn romance. I want the audience to want Darcy & Lizzie to be together so bad they’re sitting at the edge of their seats… I’m evil I know..


What can audiences expect when the lights go down?

Audiences can expect the classic tale of Pride &Prejudice as told by the most incredible group of humans I have come to know and love.



 Pride and Prejudice is coming November 9 to Abbotsford—get your tickets now!