September 19 - 22, 2018

Yale Secondary School Theatre
34620 Old Yale Road, Abbotsford, BC V2S 7S6

Same heart, soul and mind theatre you expect, but with a fun twist. Join us all-week for a boundary-stretching, risk-taking theatrical experience featuring a mix of shorter plays presented by exciting actors, directors and designers that are sure to entertain and challenge.

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Festival Schedule


Wed, Sep 19


Thu, Sep 20


Fri, Sep 21


Sat, Sep 22




Lobby Entrance

The entrance to the Yale Secondary School Theatre lobby is located on the east side of the school and is accessible from the alley between the school and the Abbotsford Recreation Centre. Please do not go through the main school entrance . Look for signs for directions.


Parking is available both on school grounds and at the Abbotsford Rec Centre. Parking is free.

Show Descriptions


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Suspension of Disbelief

Written and directed by James Lam

40 - 45 minutes

Life has never been normal for Owen and Pepper. It’s about to get a whole lot weirder. Job dissatisfaction. Crushed dreams. Kinder Egg trafficking. Brick Cats. Beer for Bears. Self-Awareness. A little too much shouting. Crime. Free Cake*. This play has everything you’ve never asked for. It’s worth a watch. Probably.

*Probably no free cake, to be realistic.

Audience Advisory: Some course language.

Man of God

By Eldon Letkeman and Nicolas Lucky

Directed by Eldon Letkeman

30 minutes

Ryan Everett is a man who seemingly wants for nothing. He's a successful pastor of a successful church. But underneath it all, the shame and guilt of hidden things brings nothing but doubt. On the eve of his rise to greater power, he encounters Mary Winston, an unlikely voice that could potentially change everything he holds of value and challenge his faith and world view.

Audience Advisory: Some course language.


By Jennifer Kersley

Directed by Rebecca Laurenti

30 minutes

Three characters attempt to unravel their hopes, insecurities, and fears whilst facing the humbling realities of homelessness. A sobering cry for help against the stereotypes that silence hurting people, when in reality, the messiness of life it not picky with who she chooses. Based on true stories, the authentic and raw nature of this monologue-driven play will leave you surprised at who is staring back.

Audience Advisory: Some course language.

Harlequin Rhapsody

By Dave Hudson

Directed by Chris Taylor

20 minutes

A Harlequin street performer's life is turned upside down after discovering that their ex is dying and is asking to be forgotten. A show filled with love, humor, and pathos; Harlequin Rhapsody is sure to please any audience and answer the question: how do you want to be remembered? And do you want to be remembered?

Sorry, Wrong Number

By Lucille Fletcher

Directed by Sue Backs

30 minutes

Mystery, suspense, chills. Who was on the other end of the line? Who will help? Will anyone listen? Time ticks by ever so quickly leading to a destiny impossible to guess. Set in New York, this 1943 thriller was described by Orson Welles as, "the greatest radio script ever written". Join us as each minute counts to the explosive ending.

Mail Order Annie

By Carl C. Cashin

Directed by Danielle Milette

50 minutes

It's August, 1929 and Annie O'Ryan, a nanny from Toronto, has traveled hundreds of miles to rural Saskatchewan to marry John Proctor, whom she only knows through the letters they have exchanged. She's banking on her personal creed, "Carpe Diem," to give her courage, but is it enough? Will John be all of what she expects him to be? Will Annie be what John is expecting as well?