Our 2018 Christmas Gift Campaign

Our seasonal fundraising campaign has arrived! Did you know that only 55% of our revenues come from ticket sales? The rest is raised through grants, corporate sponsorships and donations...donations from generous donors like you.

We thought we'd change things up this year and have a little fun with our Christmas campaign. And so, we've created a bit of a 'gift registry' - a chance for you to help us with the many different costs associated with creating entertaining theatre experiences that stir the heart, challenge the mind, and elevate the soul.

We have a 'gift' to suit every giving budget, but every 'gift' makes a huge difference in covering the costs of day-to-day operations while assisting us in building a sustainable future.

Have fun as you peruse the list of gifts below. Each 'gift' represents an approximate cost for each each item. Select your 'gift', click "Donate Now" and you'll be taken to CanadaHelps to process your donation. You can enter  a one-time or a recurring monthly donation in the amount of the 'gift' you selected, or you can enter a donation of any amount. It's easy. It's fun. And you keep live theatre alive and well in the Fraser Valley. 

Thanks for your support! Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Ken Hildebrandt
Executive/Artistic Director

Two Scripts

Value: $25

A great production starts with a great script...and our actors, designers and production crew need a script to do their job! A gift of this amount helps us purchase approximately two scripts.

Website Hosting Fees

Value: $50

Our website is crucial for communicating with interested patrons, volunteers, sponsors and donors, even while we're sleeping after a long and productive night of rehearsals. Not to mention, our website is the entry point for online ticket & season subscription sales ... we'd say that's pretty critical! A gift of this amount helps us cover the costs of keeping our website online for approximately a month and a half.

Internet & Phone For a Month

Value: $75

We can't communicate with our valued audience members, donors, sponsors, production team or volunteers, much less promote the many goings on here at G7, without reliable internet and phone service. This gift nearly covers the cost of one month for these important communication services.

Office Supplies for a Month

Value: $100

Pens, toner, paper, sticky notes, paper clips...doesn't sound very exciting but these items are necessities to keeping an office functional and operating at peak capacity! A gift of this amount helps cover the approximate monthly costs of keeping an office equipped to tackle the many tasks of producing exciting theatre.

Royalties for One Performance

Value: $150

Playwrights work hard to create beautiful dialogue, depict compelling characters and tell impactful stories. Rightfully, they deserve to be compensated for their work. Royalty fees vary from show to show, but a gift of this amount covers the approximate licensing fees for one performance of a non-musical.

Insurance for a Month

Value: $250

Like any society or business, we'd be silly not to have insurance on our props, costumes, office equipment and for our board of directors. A gift of this amount helps cover approximately a month and a half of general liability and director liability insurance.

Venue Rental for One Performance

Value: $500.00

Without a venue, we don't have a show! We're very grateful for the excellent partnerships we have with our civic venues, but they too need to generate revenues to keep their doors open. This gift goes a long way in helping us cover the cost of just one night's rental at one of our performance venues.

Posters for the Season

Value: $1,000

Posters play an important role in letting people know about our productions. We're very thankful for all the businesses, churches and offices that post these high-impact, provocative pieces of art in their windows and on their bulletin boards. A gift of this amount helps cover the approximate printing costs for an entire season of posters.

Rehearsal and Office Space for a Month

Value: $1,500

We lease a space down by the Sumas Border Crossing that houses our office, props & costume storage and acts as our rehearsal hall. A gift of this amount helps us cover a good chunk of a month's worth of rent.

High Visibility Road-Side Signs

Value: $3,000

Our road-side billboards are instrumental in helping us get the word out about our productions. In fact, we've seen increased interest in our shows as a result of these signs. This gift helps us cover nearly the entire cost of producing these signs for the season.

Production Expenses for One Show

Value: $5,000

Props, costumes, set materials, make-up supplies, microphone batteries, royalties - these items are all necessary to create impactful and entertaining theatre experiences. We scrimp, beg and borrow for free when we can, but at some point we have to pay to play. A gift of this amount covers the average cost of these expenses for one production, minus payroll, marketing and rent costs, of course.

Other Ways to Contribute:

Looking for additional ways to donate? No problem! Here are a few other options to make a gift to Gallery 7 Theatre this Christmas season:

Donate by Phone:

Call 604-504-5940 and have your credit card ready.

Donate by Mail:

Gallery 7 Theatre
P.O. Box 825
Abbotsford, BC V2T 7A2

All donations above $10.00 will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Charitable registration #853178176 RR0001. Thank you for your support!