Gallery 7 Theatre

    2024-2025 Under Pressure Season

    Join us for an all new theatre season! Featuring a trip to a beloved land, an invigorating and beloved musical, and an absolutely hilarious comedy for theatre lovers.

    Under Pressure Season

    Mainstage Shows

    Prince Caspian
    Prince Caspian

    Adapted by Damien Atkins
    Based on the novel by C.S. Lewis

    Journey back to Narnia! The Pevensie children join forces with Prince Caspian to restore peace and justice to the kingdom of Narnia. A story of courage and hope, this highly theatrical stage adaptation of the C.S. Lewis’ novel will inspire audiences of all ages!


    A comedy adapted by E.P. Dowdall
    From the Hungarian play, Illatszertar, by Miklos Laszlo

    Only the truth can set everyone free in this old-fashioned, romantic Christmas yarn that inspired the movie, You’ve Got Mail. This is sure-fire way to bring light and warmth to your holiday season!

    Irena's Vow
    Irena's Vow

    by Dan Gordon

    Through the eyes of a courageous and determined young woman, the remarkable story of Irena Gut Opdyke comes alive in this hard-hitting and unrelenting story about the triumphs of the human spirt over devastating tragedy.


    Stage Adaptation by Dean Pitchford and Walter Bobbie
    Based on the original screenplay by Dean Pitchford
    Music by Tom Snow | Lyrics by Dean Pitchford
    Additional music by Eric Carmen, Sammy Hagar, Kenny Loggins, and Jim Steinman

    This rockin’, rhythmic Tony Award-nominated musical about a father reeling from tragedy and a young man longing for the father who abandoned him features a Top 40 score, dynamic new songs, and soaring ballads It’s a celebration of forgiveness, healing, reconciliation, and community.

    The Play That Goes Wrong
    The Play That Goes Wrong

    by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer & Henry Shields

    A hysterical mad-cap comedy about everything going wrong during the opening night performance of The Murder at Haversham Manor, produced by the well-intentioned members of the Cornley University Drama Society.

    Second Stage Shows

    G7 Comedy Fest
    G7 Comedy Fest - Improv Night

    with Very Very Improv

    Very Very Improv joins us for a hysterical night of clean comedy improv featuring improvisers from around the region. Enjoy as our brave performers create hilarious scenes right before your eyes using only the suggestions you give them.

    G7 Comedy Fest - Standup Night
    G7 Comedy Fest - Standup Night

    Featuring a lineup of national and local standup comics

    Hosted by Cliff Prang

    Hilarious and clean comedy featuring a group of local and nationally renowned stand-up comedians!

    G7 Double Feature
    G7 Double Feature

    The Boy’s Own Jedi Handbook
    By Stephen Massicotte

    By Jonathan Brower

    Join us for two highly entertaining and thought-provoking one-act plays by Canadian playwrights: The Boy's Own Jedi Handbook and oblivion.

    The Sound of Music

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    Theatre for the heart, soul and mind.

    Welcome to our Under Pressure season.

    Message from the Artistic Director

    Ken Hildebrandt

    Under pressure. When I hear those words, the 1981 hit pop song of the same name by Queen and David Bowie starts playing through my mind. While there was no conscious attempt to link the song to our exciting new 2024-2025 “Under Pressure” theatre season, after reading the lyrics, I discovered there are some remarkably similar themes between the two. And if the song’s incredible reception is any indication, then I think you’re in for an amazing theatrical journey filled with laughs, tears and plenty of heart, soul, and mind engagement.

    Much like the song, this year’s playbill explores people under pressure in hysterically funny, heartwarmingly charming, and deeply tragic circumstances. We’ll see characters summoning faith and courage to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles to right what has been wronged. We’ll encounter other characters risking personal harm to help others in need, and still others facing the need to forgive amid loss so relationships can be restored.

    We’ll meet a thirties something guy recounting his first acting gig while celebrating his favourite movie of all time. We’ll cross paths with an individual trying to reconcile his sexuality with his faith and we’ll watch firsthand as a group of actors work together (and sometimes against each other) to ensure ‘the show goes on’ amidst every show failure you could possibly imagine.

    Through it all, you’ll see humans rising above their circumstances and doing incredible and admirable things. I trust you will be entertained, challenged, and inspired. I trust you will experience hope and that your faith in God, in others and yourself will be strengthened as you join us through-out the year.

    I encourage you to subscribe to our 2024-2025 “Under Pressure” season, our 34th! In doing so, you’ll save a bunch of money. Plus, you’ll be able to reserve your seats for the entire season and get the benefit of exchanging your performance dates as many times as you need for absolutely no charge. Most importantly, you’ll secure your spot for an exciting year’s worth of meaningful theatre that could just transform your life.

    Last thought: while ticket sales cover a huge chunk of our expenses each year, they don’t pay for everything. Consider becoming a donor when you subscribe or contact us about becoming a sponsor or program advertiser. Your partnership goes a long way in ensuring top quality, highly entertaining, and hugely impactful theatre year in and year out. Want to be involved directly in our productions? Glad to hear it – we want to hear from you too.

    To order season subscriptions, make a donation, sign up as a sponsor or program advertiser or get involved, give us a call at 604-504-5940 or drop us a line at We’d love to hear from you.

    I’ll give David Bowie the last word:

    Why can’t we give love?
    ‘Cause love’s such an old-fashioned word
    And love dares you to care for
    The people on the edge of the night
    And love dares you to change our way of
    Caring about ourselves…
    …Under Pressure.

    Curtain Up!

    Ken Hildebrandt
    Managing Artistic Director

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    Subscription packages are a cost effective way to purchase tickets to all five shows in our season. A subscription package gives you access to the best seats at the best price—the 20% savings of subscription packages is the best deal on Gallery 7 Theatre tickets!

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    Subscription packages are available from May 20, 2023 until the end of the first production in the package, November 18, 2023.

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    The quickest and easiest way to book a subscription package is online. It's an easy process to select plays and performances, PLUS you’ll be able to take advantage of the new option to select your own seat!

    You can also call us at 604-504-5940 or send us an email at . Please note that our staff are currently working on reduced hours and may take longer to respond.

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    Your tickets will be delivered to you by email. When ordering tickets or subscriptions, please use your day-to-day email address so we can contact you quickly about your order and provide you with up-to-date information on performance schedules, health and safety protocols, etc. You are welcome to print your tickets out and bring them with you to the theatre, or you can store your tickets on your phone or electronic device and show them to our usher team upon your arrival. No paper tickets or passes will be sent to you.

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    We want to do whatever we can to create a healthy environment for you, our patrons and our cast, crew and volunteers. You may exchange your subscription or individual performance tickets due to health reasons for another performance of the same production, or request a credit for a future production, or convert the value of your tickets in to a tax-deductible donation to the theatre. Refunds will only be offered as a last option.

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    Yes, of course. A small exchange fee of $2.00/exchange will be applied in such circumstances. All exchanges are subject to availability.