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"Human and real": Playwright Shelley Picard on A New Normal

5 minute read | May 23, 2021

Shelley Picard on acting in and writing her new play, A New Normal!

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"Making a new normal": Interview with Director Jacq Ainsworth

4 minute read | May 19, 2021

Jacq Ainsworth, director of A New Normal, chats with us about the play.

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"We're making some history here": Q&A on Act 2 with Ken Hildebrandt

9 minute read | Feb 17, 2021

To get a full update of everything that's going on at G7 for the next few months we asked Ken to answer some questions.

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"Surprisingly similar to directing for the stage": Nicola Shannon on directing Macbeth!

2 minute read | Nov 20, 2020

Nicola Shannon tells us a bit about directing Macbeth for Pageant Wagon Theatre!

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"A salute to our roots as a faith-based theatre": Ken on Pageant Wagon Theatre

5 minute read | Nov 14, 2020

Ken on where the idea came from and what we can expect from Pageant Wagon Theatre!

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7 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Everyman

5 minute read | Nov 13, 2020
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