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    Rebecca Laurenti

    Taking a Step to Be Creative Again...

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    Tell us a bit about the background to your piece: how did you come up with the concept, what was your process in terms of bringing it from concept to final product?

    This "concept" has been something that I have struggled with for many years: the dangers of suppressing creativity. OOOHHHH scary. The Spoken Word you will see is actually the second try to a previous draft I had written and had to scrap because it was just too dark. And if you know me, I tend to gravitate towards heavy content.

    I knew I wanted to speak directly to myself along with other artists about the importance of self expression, but I also wanted it to be a bit lighter and easier to swallow. So, after the 3 pages of gunk, a Spoken Word began to take shape. As I finished writing and began filming, it was clear that there were more layers of teaching than I had anticipated. I mean this usually happens, but I am surprised every time.

    Multiple aggravating events happened that confirmed a deep truth; don't focus on the product, enjoy the process! However, the process was riddled with hiccups and outtakes that forced me to cut out many parts of the Spoken Word until I felt like it was half the product I started with. Like a Picasso paper mâché! But I can see now that it came out exactly how it was meant to and I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to finally share it with you!

    What do you hope audience members will experience or take away from your performance?

    My hope is that as soon as they turn off the screen, they are moved to go and create. My sole desire when expressing myself creatively is to invoke action within my viewers to go and do the things that they have been putting off. I pray that my Spoken Word can help those feel less alone, and push through the fear to become stronger within themselves.

    Anything else that you feel is vitally important for audience members to consider as they engage with your piece?

    If you are able to use earphones, I'd suggest wearing them. And after you watch it, feel free to email me and tell me how it affected you! As a creative, this is my fuel and I would absolutely love to hear from you! You can reach me at

    Open Doorway will be screened on October 23 & 24 as part of Abby Theatre Fest: Stage to Screen Edition. For complete details and to purchase tickets, please visit HERE.