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We’re back! Back to producing live, in-person theatre, back to engaging our volunteers and artists, back to engaging the community with theatre for the heart, soul, and mind. One of the main reasons we’re back after such a long hiatus is the incredible generosity shown to us by our donors, sponsors and our amazingly supportive patrons.

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Thank you so much for your ongoing affirmation of the work we do to bring light, hope and inspiration to our community through live theatre!

A Quick Update

Since we last connected, we’ve presented a second, online edition of Abby Theatre Fest that we called Stage to Screen Edition 2.0. This festival featured short films and performance works created by performing, literary, and film artists from around the country. In November, we presented the heart-warming, often funny romantic drama, Last Train to Nibroc, our first in-person production in 19 months.

We also surpassed our Step #1 – Raise the Curtain fundraising goal of $7,500, setting a solid foundation for our journey towards our ultimate goal of $35,000 by June, 2022. Incredible!

We’ve also brought in a few changes as we re-opened the doors to you, our cherished audience:

  • All our box office services are now under one roof to better assist you with your ticketing needs.
  • Seating is now assigned so you can enjoy each production from your favourite vantage point.
  • A new staff member joined our team to help with general administration, box office operations as well as volunteer, donor & sponsor engagement.
  • Several Health and Wellness protocols were adopted to help ensure a healthy theatre experience for all.
  • Many of our productions in the upcoming year will be available online via our high-quality live stream system so those unable to join us in-person can still enjoy our shows.

It’s been an exciting, challenging and rewarding time for sure!

Looking Ahead

There’s lots to look forward to in the coming months: we have a series of productions that are sure to engage, inspire and bring light and hope. Our first ever, self-produced Christmas show, This Wonderful Life, is up next, running Dec. 10 – 18. Whether you like the classic movie or not, this show promises to be a highly entertaining, fun and moving theatre experience for audiences.

In January/February, we look forward to Canadian playwright Joanna McClelland Glass’ often humorous drama about two unique and feisty individuals who ‘try’ to understand the other in the midst of generational differences and changing times. Then, in March, we look forward to finally producing Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery, one of the shows we had to postpone in 2020. Panic Squad Comedy Improv is back in April and we wrap the season with the entertaining Holy Mo & Spew Boy by Lucia Frangione, a reverently irreverent re-telling of the stories of Moses and King David.

In other words, there’s lots more great theatre to come that we know the community will love and enjoy.

Ongoing Challenges

Though we are excited and optimistic about the months ahead, we are facing the following, ongoing challenges:

  1. Operating at near normal levels in terms of activities with near normal expenses but doing so with less than normal revenue streams;
  2. Ongoing pandemic-related uncertainty and impacts;
  3. Diminishing emergency grant support;
  4. Ongoing government restrictions and protocols;
  5. Audience reluctance to return to in-person theatre;
  6. Significant community emergencies requiring support and attention.

Creating impactful theatre was never an easy enterprise – the unique challenges listed above makes things even more difficult.

Christmas ‘House Warming’ Campaign

With our long-term sustainability, our current season and the aforementioned challenges in mind, we’re launching Step #2 of our 2021-2022 Fundraising program, the Christmas ‘House Warming’ Campaign. Now that we’re back in the venues, we’re needing ongoing support to keep our venues ‘furnished’ and ready to serve the community.

Funds from the House Warming Campaign will help with covering production costs such as sets, props, costumes, make-up, lighting and sound. They will also help with covering the rental costs of our performance venues while assisting with ongoing monthly operational costs such as insurance, phone, internet, custodial services and other mundane but important costs.

Finally, funds will help us navigate our transition away from our dependance on government emergency subsidies.

I recognize that the types of things listed above don’t sound like very exciting things to raise funds for, but they are so crucial to us achieving our ultimate goal: engaging the community with theatre that explores the spiritual, relational and social aspects of the human experience with a vision towards hope, reconciliation and redemption while providing a life-affirming venue for artists and technicians to explore, develop and share their talents in a positive and meaningful way.

Our goal for this year’s Christmas campaign is $10,000. With our Giving Tuesday goal of $1,000 achieved, we’re off to an outstanding start in reaching our Christmas Housewarming Campaign goal by December 30, 2021.

Donate Now

This year, we’re going to have a little extra fun with our Fundraising ‘Thermometer.’ Instead of a stocking, we’ll be using an Advent Calendar. Each day, we’ll reveal the day’s total received and the total left to go. When we reach certain benchmarks, we’ll open a door to reveal a special treat for you to enjoy.

What kind of treat, you ask? Rumour has it that staff are concocting a few video vignettes for your viewing pleasure and could include unique Holiday baking lessons or a special reading of a classic story by our very own Artistic Director, Ken Hildebrandt. But these special treats only get revealed if we hit our fundraising benchmarks!

Can You Help?

We invite you to contribute to our Christmas Housewarming Campaign. Any amount, great or small, is incredibly helpful in facing the challenges to come and help us continue doing what we do best: creating live theatre for the heart, soul and mind!

You can make a one-time donation, or you can set-up a monthly giving program. There are a few ways you can contribute:

  1. Make a Donation ONLINE: Click HERE.
  2. Make a Donation by PHONE: Call 604-504-5940*
  3. Make a Donation by MAIL: Send a cheque to Gallery 7 Theatre, P.O. Box 825 Abbotsford, BC V2T 7A2

Thanks so much for your ongoing support, especially during these incredibly challenging times. Wishing you a Christmas season of light, joy, hope and love.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Ken Hildebrandt
Executive/Artistic Director

*Please note that some staff are working part time or from home. We will return your message as soon as possible.

G7 Staff as Gingerbread!

Progress So Far

Here is our progress to our Christmas House Warming Campaign so far! Remember at certain milestones, we'll reveal a special treat for all of our donors. Donate early to see everything.

Goal: $10,000

Total so far: $25 + $50 + $75 + $100 + $50 + $25 + $200 + $663 + $100 + $25 + $50 + $100 + $100 + $75 + $100 + $25 + $22 + $200 + $500 + $150 + $275 + $500 + $50 + $50 + $500 + $50 + $100 + $100 + $500 + $50 + $2,000 + $25 + $150 + $400 + $100 + $25 + $100 + $500 + $300 + $20 + $20 + $100 + $100 + $500 = $9,150

Still to go: $850

Last updated: December 31 at 8 AM

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