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    Cassie Unger as May watches Curtis Maciborski as Raleigh in Last Train to Nibroc

    "Joyful and glowy": Cassie Unger on Last Train to Nibroc

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    Our first show in 18 months, Last Train to Nibroc, starts next Friday! 🎉

    To learn more about the show and what to expect, we asked a few questions of Cassie Unger who plays May.

    Cassie Unger
    Cassie Unger

    Tell us a little bit about May. 

    I think May is a bit of a surprise. She can come off quite quiet and conservative, but is a real firecracker when provoked. She has very strong beliefs... her convictions are very important to her. She also really values the people she cares about -- she's willing to go to great lengths to take care of them. I think she and I have had similar upbringings and experiences with love and relationships. I definitely feel an affinity with her even when I disagree with some of her choices.

    Without giving anything away, what's the relationship like between the two characters in the show? 

    Definitely lots of sparks. There's a strong attraction almost right from the beginning. Throughout the play, they really push each other to grow and change in important ways. Every time they come together, they sharpen each other.

    How has the rehearsal process been so far?

    As always, working in the midst of a pandemic can be challenging -- it's always difficult to deal with the constant uncertainty. Mostly though it's just been really fun. The entire team has been so generous and supportive and it's just been so much fun to watch the show come together.

    Are there any particular moments that stand out to you in the show? Any moments that you really enjoy performing?

    Our director, Nicola Shannon, is so great at finding moments of physicality to highlight what's happening with the characters. Those are some of the moments I've most enjoyed working on and performing so far. There's a particularly arresting moment where we're chasing each other around the stage and yelling. Great fun!

    When people come to see the show, what do you hope they come away with afterwards?

    I think this is such a sweet show and a great way to return to live theatre. The characters do show a tremendous growth over the course of the play, and I hope people will walk away joyful and glowy, having experienced a beautiful story about friendship and love.


    The boy-meets-girl romance, Last Train to Nibroc, runs Nov 12 - 20 at the Abbotsford Arts Centre.

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