Gallery 7 Theatre
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

Our Mission

Our mission, guided by principles and values based on respect, professionalism, honesty, grace, integrity and positive character, is to present professional-quality theatre that explores the spiritual, relational and social aspects of the human experience with a vision towards hope, reconciliation and redemption.

A member of the Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance (GVPTA), Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce and Abbotsford Arts Council, Gallery 7 Theatre also exists to provide educational workshops and seminars for all ages in order to increase the general public’s understanding and appreciation of the performing and visual arts, and to encourage arts growth and development through participation in our productions, workshops and seminars.

Our Vision

Gallery 7 Theatre’s vision is to impact the community through thought-provoking and entertaining productions that stir the heart, challenge the mind and elevate the soul, and to encourage arts development through theatre-related educational workshops and seminars.

Each year, Gallery 7 presents a full season of theatre, guest performances, and workshops in the pursuit of realizing this vision and we hope that both audience and artist alike will experience the magic of theatre in a mentally, spiritually and physically uplifting environment.

Recently, the Gallery 7 Board of Directors embarked on a plan to move from its present location to a dedicated performing arts facility that the organization will call home for many years to come. This facility will be a catalyst and focal point for arts growth and expression in the Fraser Valley, will house all arts, educational and administrative operations of the theatre and will allow Gallery 7 Theatre to flourish and grow as it expands its arts and educational programming.

We believe that all of these dreams are in alignment with a sense of calling from God to create a community-based theatre and performing arts organization where arts and professionals are freed to explore and develop their God-given talents and abilities in a positive environment. We believe that Gallery 7 has the unique opportunity to be a place of refuge, inspiration and learning for both practitioners and theatre-lovers alike.

Our Values


We are a God-honoring, non-judgmental community that is guided by Christian values and principles – communicating hope and inspiring people toward faith.


We provide professional-quality entertainment and arts opportunities in an affirming environment that supports, challenges, and encourages existing and new-found talent – stretching individuals in their emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth.


We are a creative force that harnesses arts, administrative, and technical talents and unleashes them in unified expressive endeavors that honours the One in whose image we are made.


We impact participants and audiences through authentic, life-giving, and fun theatre experiences that are thought-provoking, socially relevant, and positive examples of integrity and openness.


We achieve and maintain a professional-quality excellence that permeates our conduct and artistry and liberates us from the confines of mediocrity.