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Did you miss Abby Theatre Fest: Stage to Screen Edition?  Don't fret - you can now  watch each weekend's broadcast online and at your leisure!

Abby Theatre Fest: Stage to Screen Edition is a two-weekend online version of our annual one-act play festival, but with a twist. This year, we invited actors, writers, and film-makers from across Canada and Western USA to submit videoed performances of their original work, whether it be a devised short film or a performance reading of their short stories or poems. Films were streamed in two groups over two weekends in October with fun, interactive online engagement. 

It's the same heart, soul and mind theatre you expect from us, just something a bit edgy, something a bit different.

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Weekend #1 Films

Available online now!


Motherhood and Being a Sandwich or The Best Laid Plans - Sue Backs

Find a Way - Sandra Griffith (story reading)

Two Dinosaurs Under the Sun - by Darby Sherwood

Isolation Stories Through the Eyes of Children* – Charlene Crawford (Part 1)

Dreams of a Ghost - Des Hale

The End of Snow - Laurie Damer

Magnificat - Joel Brandt

Weekend #2 Films

Available online now!


Memoirs of a Middle School EA – Doriana Brewer

Corona: Sonnets in Situ - Barbara Nickel

Isolation Stories Through the Eyes of Children* - Charlene Crawford (Part 2)

Verywhere - Ely Davidson

Open Doorway - Rebecca Laurenti

Miss Porter – Jester’s Theatre

*These short stories are screened through-out the festival. You'll never know when one of these clever little stories will pop up.

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All tickets are pay-what-you-can, starting at just $15*! Plus, we're excited to say that a percentage of your ticket price will be going directly to the creators themselves.

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Discussion Guide


Download this resource to enhance your Abby Theatre Fest: Stage to Screen Edition experience. The guide contains important background information on each film in the festival, plus great discussion starter questions to take you deeper in to the themes of each submission.




Ely Davidson


A man finds himself in an apocalyptic situation in which he hasn't seen a human being in 400 odd something days. The man finally meets a girl who goes by the name "Sophia." Sophia tells him to meet him at a specific hill at a specific date and time. The man arrives at said hill an hour before. He waits and waits, till he falls asleep. It is here when the man finds a clone of himself from what seems to be a parallel universe. Communicating with his clone, the clones' world is the exact opposite of the man. The world is completely amazing there. Poverty, hunger, tsunamis, shows that don't deserve to be cancelled yet but they do because they don't make enough revenue for the network, these things are simply non-existent over in the clones' world. Through their conversation, we learn many things about the clone and even Sophia. We explore how important being connected to an individual is, and how it can change someone's perspective to become a better person. 

ADVISORY: Some violence & strong language.

Corona: Sonnets in Situ

Barbara Nickel


A video reading of a corona of sonnets written during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. A sonnet corona or crown of sonnets—seven interlinked sonnets: the last line of the first sonnet is the first line of the second and so on. Finally, the last line of the seventh sonnet is the first line of the first to make a circle, or crown, a perfect corona. John Donne wrote the seven sonnets of his “La Corona” in 1607. In March 2020, Barbara set out to write a corona for these strange pandemic times but after sonnet #7, the crown became mutant, as the number of sonnets exceeded the traditional form. Here are twelve, one sonnet touching another the way we can’t right now in the midst of social isolation and this ever-changing, life-changing virus. 

To follow along during the performance, download a transcript HERE

Two Dinosaurs Under the Sun

Darby Sherwood


A 5-minute play I wrote earlier this summer about two dinosaurs preparing for the asteroid that's meant to kill them all. I was inspired by finding out that some of the dinosaurs (especially the ones more closely related to birds) didn't actually die when the asteroid collided with the earth, but later, due to the way that the asteroid changed the living conditions on earth. Every day, it feels like we have to re-evaluate our surroundings to find what is good, what is safe, and what is worthwhile. This play imagines how the dinosaurs might have made their choices in the wake of an ever-changing world we can still relate to.

Isolation Stories Through the Eyes of Children

Charlene Crawford


Stuck at home, mom takes the time to actually listen to her children's tales which sometimes reflect the world they are experiencing but mostly is full of strange child humour. The story is re-enacted using various toys in the house with random interjections of mom's reaction to what is going on.


Dreams of a Ghost

Des Hale


A dramatic reading of my own poetry collection based upon personal experiences and self-reflection. They tell the story of a long-standing friendship gone sour, and how one person grows stronger after giving away too much of themself.


Joel Brandt


A film about a tenuous friendship between two women that is pushed to its breaking point. It touches on familiar themes of pain and healing, broken relationships and reconciliation, and the characters and plot are inspired in part by the biblical stories of Hannah from 1 Samuel 1 and Mary and Elizabeth from Luke 1.

Advisory: Minimal strong language.

The End of Snow

Laurie Damer


Travel with me across the psychological terrain of a barren land appropriately labeled, The End of Snow. This psychological journey of isolation parallels the slow decline of mental health through this unknown landscape

Find a Way

Sandra Griffith


A reading of a short story about a woman who fights with her husband. He is angry so she goes out for breakfast. She meets a divorced man and she asks him questions about what went wrong.


Motherhood and Being a Sandwich or The Best Laid Plans

Sue Backs


Ok. So suddenly I’m having serious reservations about letting you into my diary.

Sorry, so much more sophisticated to say,” journal”.

Really…, we are inviting you into our home for a moment in time.

We hope you have fun and laugh with us (or maybe at us) and also commiserate with a poignant bit or two.

Mmmm….we are sharing some secrets with you. So ixnay on the haringsay for you. Keep our secrets wouldn’t you?

Miss Porter

Jester's Theatre


During COVID-19, our Jesters Sr. group collaborated on a Radio Play, and what resulted was a prequel to the story of Tarzan focusing on Jane's journey of identity as a woman in science in the 1800's. This is a Zoom-style performance of the original radio drama.

Memoires of a Middle School EA

Doriana Brewer

A mockumentary about an education assistant, based on some of my own experiences in this field. I am playing all of the roles including the EA and a few other characters using film magic. The EA is being interviewed for a new position and she shares about her various experiences and lessons learned. Some scenes are based on stories I have shared on my Facebook using the hashtag #MemoirsofaMiddleSchoolEA.

Open Doorway

Rebecca Laurenti

A dramatic reading accompanied with a short film of Rebecca's difficulty in the beginning stages of the creation process. The story guides the viewer through the ins and outs of Rebecca's childhood as an artist and brings her back to who she truly is. In addition, the viewer is challenged to return to their creative selves and start the creative process along with her. This resolution is only by pressing through the challenges surrounding creativity until the artist is back in the pocket of their craft. A beautiful homecoming!

Advisory: One 'F-bomb'.