Gallery 7 Theatre

A Tale of Two Cities

Adapted by Adriel Brandt
Based on the book by Charles Dickens

Abbotsford Arts Centre


Charles Dickens epic tale of family and sacrifice, set against a backdrop of violent revolution, comes alive in this riveting new stage adaptation by Abbotsford playwright, Adriel Brandt.

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It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times.Set in the late 1700s in the the days leading up to and during the French Revolution, a family is caught in a web of legal challenges and social upheaval.

Charles Darnay, having shirked his inheritance and any association with his brutal family, heads to England following his acquittal of treason. Having married Lucie Manette, who cares for her invalid father, Darnay is soon called back to France, and with the tensions and unrest at an all-time high, he is found to be an enemy of the state and imprisoned.

Sidney Carton, a close friend of Lucie’s and responsible for Darnay’s original acquittal, dedicates himself to returning the beleaguered Darnay to his family, but faces the prospect of great self-sacrifice in the process.

A stunning and unrelenting story of family, justice and sacrifice, this exciting new adaption explores gluttony, tyranny, the excess of violent revolution and the power of love.